This proven system will help you add thousands
of new people to your email list, easily sell more of
your products, services and events, and make you
well-known and well-respected in your industry...

Let us show you EXACTLY how to get promoted and endorsed by
other people today (regardless of how much experience you have right now)


The Affiliate Tribe is a 5-week step-by-step proven online coaching program that’s guaranteed to help you get (at least) 3-5 new promotional partners quickly and get them to promote you over and over again.

You do not need to have a big email list, be well-known, or have a lot of experience to get
these results. You simply need to follow and apply
this system…

Creating amazing products and programs and having nobody buy them

Feeling embarrassed by the size of your email list

Wanting to reach more people and not knowing how to do it

Not having a lot of money to put into your promotional efforts

Feeling uncertain about how to collaborate with others

Feeling stuck about how to make more money in a way that excites you

You get really fired up about the idea of collaborating with others to grow your business

You are willing to learn a new way to talk about what you do that’s attractive to other leaders (so they desire to promote you)

You’re great at what you do yet you are not very strong at marketing

You do well following step-by-step guidance

You’re ready to make thousands of dollars in new income in the next 60 days

You’re not willing to speak other people over the phone about collaborating with you

You don’t have anything to sell

You’d prefer to build your business alone

You are unwilling to do the work to put yourself out there

Built an email list of over 50,000 people

Been promoted by many of the biggest names in the world (John Assaraf, Bob Proctor, Janet Attwood, etc)

Been invited to give keynote talks on very famous stages

Received exclusive invitations to private high-level events

Generated millions of dollars in sales

First and foremost, we personally use this strategy every month to build a following of over 50,000 people (so we only teach what works).

Because you only pay out commissions once sales are made, it’s the best way of marketing your products without (any) money upfront.

So many people want to collaborate with others but don’t know how. This is the solution.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get your message out to more people.

You will use this strategy over and over again (forever) every time you want to launch something new.

Module #1:

Architect Your “Yes I’m In” Partnership Program

We’ll create your partnership program from the ground up and make sure you know who it’s for, how to position it, how to create win-win payout structures, and how to make it look and feel highly compelling to others.

Module #2:

The Confidence Amplifier

You will learn how to position yourself as a leader with something amazing to offer (so partners see your value), we’ll show you how to build instant credibility, plus help you create an “affiliate portal” to showcase your opportunity online.


Module #3:

Build Your Partnership Dream Team

You’ll discover where to go to get new partners quickly, how to set up exclusive partnership circles that guarantee you get promoted over and over again throughout the year, plus we’ll show you how to turn one partner into 3 more with a single sentence (awesome).

Module #4:

Mastering “The Talk”

You’ll see how to overcome “the intimidation factor of approaching new partners, you’ll get best and most effective ways to reach out to new people, plus you’ll get our “say it just like this” talking scripts.

Module #5

It’s Time To Launch

You’ll discover exactly what to do right before you partnership promotion to make sure it works, learn how to get your partners to send out multiple emails, plus you get our exact step-by-step system for setting up JV teleseminars & webinars.

BONUS Module #6:

Your High Converting Webinar / Teleseminar

You’ll get a step-by-step training (with examples) about exactly how to create your webinar or teleseminar that actually sells and gets results.


An exclusive on-line social network where you are guaranteed to connect with tons of perfectly-aligned new leaders who will endorse you, promote you, & sell your programs & events for you. Plus get instant feedback and support from other members of The Tribe.

You'll see every little thing we to attract loads of NEW partners to promote us over and over again so you can model our success and make it really easy for you.

You’ll discover some of the most cutting edge partnership strategies from the most successful leaders in this space including Jonathan Budd, and many more.

Just 3 installments of $147 or pay in full $397 (save $44)

Once you complete your registration, you’ll receive:

Instant access to the Fast Start Training (in just moments from now)

Each new module sent to you in 7 day increments (so you have time to implement)

Videos, audios, and action guides for everything (multi-sensory learning)

Access to all the bonuses (yay!)

“I had 7 new partners in less than 4 days”

I decided to implement 2 simple strategies in less than 4 days, I had 7 people interested in joining my Collaboration Consortium and 2 more people who want to partner with me! Max, you're a genius. You have a knack for transforming something that seemed complicated into a very simple process. Guys, this stuff works, even if you don't do it "perfectly!'

Tiffany deSilva
Business Coach

“I sold out from my first Partnership promotion!”

I just did my first Partnership promotion and we totally sold-out! Then I opened up the waiting list and more people joined. I couldn’t believe it. Max, I’m so grateful for your help.

Kathy White
Joyful Parenting

“Max is great mentor, because he is one of the most authentic people I know and he really knows his stuff & how to teach it!”

He gives more than you would expect. From being in this program, I got an offer to do a TV series, which will open all kinds of avenues and income streams. I know that this could not have happened if I would not have been in the vibration of attraction new and focused business. I expect recovering the costs for the program and multiplying it a thousand times in way of profit within the next 24 months.”

Angelika Christie
Radiant Health Center

When Does This Training Start?

The moment you complete the registration form below. You’ll get instant access to the fast start training and then just complete an end of module survey and the next module is instantly unlocked for you from there so you don’t get overwhelmed.

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

If you have the desire to build a bigger email list, reach and impact more people with your products and programs, and do it while collaborating with other people, this is exactly what you need.

When Can I Expect To See A Return On My Investment?

As always, that depends on you. Yet just one partner can add hundreds or thousands of people to your email list and thousands of dollars in revenue. So as long as you apply the wisdom, you should see a fantastic return quickly.

Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work?

Yes. And if you are going into this with the mindset that you can get out at the same time, we would tell you to pass. The way you show up has as much to do with your results as our training.

We’ve watched people spend months and years creating amazing products and programs that never get out into the world or provide a financial return to the creator. This instantly changes that paradigm.

If you have a desire to learn this “collaboration” strategy, it’s best to find someone who’s already done it and learn from them. This system literally gives you a step-by-step roadmap for getting results by partnering with others.

Getting endorsed and promoted by others is still the most effective proven strategy for generating leads and sales… as it has been for decades.

It’s frustrating to have so much to give and such a small audience. This gives you the exact strategy for building a 10x bigger following.

You’ll know if this is right for you to do now.


You know that your products, services, and programs are amazing. But they are not helping nearly as many people as you desire. Plus your income is lagging along too.

Getting other people to endorse you and promote you instantly expands your reach, impact, and income. It’s that simple.

Take this training & you’ll build a much bigger email list (quickly), you’ll finally start generating some real sales, and you’ll know how to achieve these results every month (over and over again) from this moment forward.

We use this exact training to build our business… and we want you to have it. Register now and let’s go…